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         Everything happened when i sold my bike to buy my first dog. At the beginning of '90 l met for the first time Wire Haired Dachshunds, and l remained amazed by theire hunting performances . Much later i recived as a gift my first Wire Haired, a female named Dachsjager Lanna from a Dachshund breeder, a good friend of mine. From this female i've got also my first litter.Since then i remained faithfull to this breed. l use my dogs at wild boar hunting and blood tracking, but also at fox, rabbit, pheasant  and for retrieving. Beside me, i have my family, my son Victor, together making the Eisendachs Team. We live in Cluj-Napoca a city placed in the middle of Translivania.

          l had the suport and learned a lot from  Margareta Nilsson, the owner of "del Lago Prile" Kennel. Thank you Margareta for all your  assistance! 


          l don't make any diffrence between a show Dachshund and a hunting Dachshund, for me there's no such thing, it is only Dachshund!


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